EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are voices on a recording that some believe to be the "voices" of ghosts or other paranormal entities trying to make themselves known.  These voices aren't heard when the recording was made, but can be heard during playback.  Sometimes they are very quiet and hard to discern, but other times they can be quite loud as if whatever spoke was standing right next to the recorder.
EVP's can be captured using either digital recorders or tape recorders, though digital is preferred since tape recorders can often pick up the sound of its own internal gears.  Learning to pick them out of a recording can sometimes be easy, but often requires a trained, attenuated ear and audio software to bring out the EVP and reduce the background noise.  I use Adobe Soundbooth and Diamond Forensics Soundlab.  Another good program for analysing sound files is Wavepad, which can be downloaded for free here.

If you have any EVP's you'd like to submit for others to hear, or for GOLAPS team members to analyze, please submit them here.  On this page you will find some of the best, more interesting EVP's that GOLAPS has recorded during our investigations. 
PLEASE NOTE:  These are best listened to through headphones!
Old Church Cemetery:  These EVP's were captured during a visit to a very old cemetery in the Felicianas, a large mass of land that was once under Spanish rule as the West Florida Republic.  The graves date back to the early 1800's, and possibly earlier.
"Love" - This EVP was captured several seconds after I ended a cell phone call to my sweetie, In which I said "I love you" just before hanging up.  If you listen, you will hear the word "love" followed by some indistint whispering which I haven't been able to isolate and clean up yet.
"That's what you get" - I was being foolish and was walking through the cemetery while juggling my equipment instead of looking where I was going, and I walked right into a raised tomb causing me to drop all my stuff.  A little later, I realized there was a problem and I complained loudly that I thought my camera was broken.  This was follwed on the digital recorder by a reproachful "that's what you get."
Abandoned Insane Asylum:  These EVP's were captured during numerous visits to an abandoned insane asylum in southeast Louisiana.  The building dates back to the 1840's and was used as a rail spur, a supply warehouse, and most notoriously as an insane asylum during a time when the treatment of the mentally ill and mentally challenged was somewhat... wanting.
"Who's there?" - This EVP was captured on our first visit to the asylum, as we were being shown around.  This occurred on the digital recorder as we were ascending the stairwell from the basement to the main floor.  Upon playback and analysis, I was stunned to find an EVP of such strenth and clarity demanding to know "who's there?"
"Stay" - This voice was captured as we were leaving the compound one afternoon.  It quite clearly says "stay."  It would seem that someone didn't want us to go.
"It's our's" - This voice was captured one night as we were conducting an investigation.  I'm not sure why, but it seems at least one spirit is a bit possessive of the place.  It's been cleaned up a little, but it is very obvious what is being said.
"That's never been here" - This voice was captured during a conversation between Lisa and myself.  We thought we had captured a strong orb, but after several shots realized that it was actually the bottom of an overturned, grey paint bucket.  I was talking to Lisa about the importance of continuing to shoot in the same spot when you see an orb show up, and a voice chimes in, in a rather sing-song type voice, "that's never been here."  You'll hear it right after Lisa replies "exactly" to something I'm saying about photographing orbs.
Music - The first time we entered the building two of us heard music at the same time while others did not.  It was a thin, tinny-sounding melody that was just barely audible.  It stopped almost immediately after we both turned to each other and simultaneously said, "Do you hear music?"  One night, while Lisa and I were on the top floor the digital recorder caught another bit of music.  You'll hear Lisa's voice, but you'll also hear a melody comprised of single notes played in an erratic tempo.  It sort of sounds like the a tune made when turning the crank on an old jack-in-the-box.
"I need to sell another cat" - This is a strange one, not only by virtue of what it says, but also by what sounds like breathing.  The breathing is loud, just as it appeared on the digital recorder, however, I had to boost the volume on the voice.  You'll hear what sounds like a sharp inhalation followed by the phrase "I need to sell another cat."  Afterwards you will hear what sounds like an exhalation or a sigh, and no, the breathing is not me or any of the other team members.  It's a strange phrase and we puzzled over what it might mean for some time before realizing that this was an insane asylum! Not everything heard in this place is going to make sense!
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"I get doses today." - This voice was captured by Linda while roaming the hallways of the asylum, presumably regarding medications being given out to patients at the time.  The EVP was so clear that we didn't have to clean it up at all, and the childlike nonchalance in which the statement is made gives me chills.