The Haunted Houmas House!

On the evening of October 15th, 2012, Ghosts of Louisiana Paranormal Society (GOLAPS) gathered our equipment to the gorgeous Houmas House Plantation and Gardens in Darrow, Louisiana.  The sun was setting beyond the treeline throwing dusky shadows across the lush grounds of the  old home.  Its genial and gracious owner, Mr. Kevin Kelley, escorted us to the house with all our assorted gear loaded onto the back of a golf cart talking of the many ghosts and apparitions the plantation's guests and employees claim to have seen and heard over the years.  As we hurriedly set up our cameras, recorders, and other gear, we were joined by Ms. Brittany Weiss, a reporter for WBRZ Channel 2, the local ABC affiliate in and around Baton Rouge.  What proceeded was an interesting evening that we won't soon forget.  The evidence we gathered is documented below.
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Completed in 1828, the grand and elegant Houmas House silently gazes out over the main lawn  across to the Mississippi River levee., waiting for the dark pall of night to shroud the comings and goings of the unquiet residents who wait within.
Photo courtesy of image gallery.
"Momma" - One of the ghosts said to haunt the Houmas House is that of a young girl, who has been seen playing in what used to be her bedroom, and has been seen even more frequently going up and down the spiral staircase in the center of the home.  We believe that this EVP, in what sounds like a child's voice, is her.
Apparition of a woman in the dining room window - Former member, Linda, took this photo in the dining room of the house where she caught this image.  When looking in the window there appears to be a female with black hair and a dress with flowers or some kind of small design all over it.  This does not match the description of anyone in the building that night, and moreover, the many, many other photos that were taken in and around windows show nothing of this sort.
"Get out" - The third floor of the house seemed to be the most active in some ways when the GOLAPS team was there.  This EVP came from a room in which an employee of Houmas House reported seeing the body of an elderly woman laid out as if for viewing at a funeral, as well as a visitor coming to pay his respects.  Rachel, the group's medium, said she saw an old woman in the room when she went in there.  The voice sounds as if it might be an elderly woman and is followed by what sounds like a single note played on a fife or a flute.
"Go Back" - This EVP came from the same room as the previous one, almost immediately after it as well.  The activity on the third floor wasn't terribly friendly or welcoming.
"Get Out" - Another EVP from the same room as the previous two telling us to get out, this time in what sounds like a screaming, howling voice.  It can be difficult to hear because of the way I had to clip the audio from the larger file, but it's there and it's weird.
British Voice - This is a voice in an unmistakable British accent that seems to be referring to a recorder or to being recorded.  I haven't been able to make sense of it, although it sounds clear enough that I should be.  If anybody out there can understand what's being said, please e-mail me here.
"Tell Me How" - Linda and Brandy caught this EVP as they were asking for any nearby spirits to touch an ion detector, which would light up  upon being exposed to a fluctuation in the electrical field in its vicinity.  They picked up a voice asking them to "Tell me how."
"Maybe" - This was caught on the spiral staircase where the apparition of a little girl has been seen walking up and down the stairs.  We asked if there was a little girl there who wanted to talk to us.  We got this somewhat playful, coy response.
"Look, Linda" - This spirit was apparently trying to get Linda's attention and spoke quite clearly, too.  This is one of the infrequent occasions when a team member is referred to by name.
"There's No Fun Here" - This very clear EVP seems to indicate that one of the resident spirits was hoping we'd be more amusing than we apparently were.  Everyone's a critic...
"(Run) Run" - This EVP features a rather strange phenomenon that happens with relative frequency--a "pre-echo" of the clearly-spoken word a second or so before.  You can hear the word "run" spoken somewhat distantly right before it is said quite clearly.
"Medicine" - The word "medicine" is spoken right before a loud bang is heard.  Neither was physically audible, and I'm unsure about whether the word is in fact "medicine," or if it's a name.  I originally thought it was saying "Betty."
Whistler - This clip features a tune being whistled, although nobody on site that night did so.  This came from the third floor where, apparently, at least one of the resident spirits was in a good mood.
The  figure of what appears to be a little girl holding a cat or small dog can be seen in the window.  This was taken in the billiard room on the first floor, which continued to draw our attention throughout the evening.
An orb caught on the widow's walk, where a man in military outfit has been seen to walk by visitors to Houmas House, as well as by employees.
As usual, I'm struggling to get video clips up on the site.  We have a number of them and I am working out how to get them posted onto the site.  Stay tuned...
More photos will be posted soon so keep checking back!