Ghosts of Louisiana Paranormal Society (GOLAPS) is a small group of paranormal investigators working primarily in the southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi region.  We use all manner of tools available to us, both low and high tech, to discreetly and quietly investigate hauntings and other unusual phenomena in the area.  We have over 100 years combined experience in dealing with such phenomena and use our various individual skills to confirm or debunk paranormal activity, and when requested to clear homes, offices, and other affected areas of malevolent entities and to help lingering spirits move on.  We are fearless and have never run out on an investigation.  In fact, the more malevolent a haunting or suspected demonic activity is, the more intrigued we are to get to the bottom of the issue.

We are currently looking for stories of hauntings across Louisiana, especially the areas south of Alexandria, LA.  These might be stories you've heard about from a friend, or they might be your own personal experience.  If you would like to tell us about your paranormal experiences, relate a story about a haunted site, or would like to request an investigation by GOLAPS please feel free to contact us.  All information gathered is considered absolutely confidential and will not be shared unless express permission is given. 

In the meantime, please browse our site and review evidence from past investigations.
© 2013 - All content of this site is  copyrighted by GOLAPS.  Any public or private use of material without the express permission of GOLAPS is strictly prohibited.

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WBRZ, Channel 2 in Baton Rouge, our local ABC affiliate, will be featuring a story about our investigation at the very haunted Houmas House Plantation in Darrow, Louisiana.  The story will air Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, at 4:00 pm.  We will be posting results of our investigation here on this page, which you can go to by clicking HERE.

If you would like to visit Houmas House yourself or book a stay there, please click the logo on the left.
We recently investigated a very haunted hotel in the French Quarter on the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon.  The Hotel Maison de VIlle proved very interesting, and you can see some of the results from our investigation by going here.
Check out another fine group of Louisiana paranormal investigators, our friends, the Florida Parishes Spectral Society, or FLOPASS.  We're pleased to make your acquaintance, and we'll be looking forward to doing an investigation together soon!  To visit their site, just click HERE.
Channel Nine News did a story about the Guaranty Insurance Building and the stories of the hauntings that surround it.  We were called in to investigate.  See the news story by clicking on the logo or HERE!
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The kind folks at the New Orleans Times-Picayune have a story about our team on their site right now.  You can check it out here.